Dropping my opinion


"Dropping my opinion"

video series


Philosophy is one of my favorite subjects.

Mix that with the journals i write on an almost a daily basis and you had TYR FREE on YOUTUBE.

I took an extended LEAVE from Youtube due to their 2020 censorship over any videos that didn’t fit into their network or asked relevant questions. Once two of my videos were taken down (though one was reinstated) I figured i wouldn’t give it a third try.

We should ALL be free to have and VOICE our opinion. Sure there are consequences for speaking...words are powerful things. But we can’t grow as human beings if our EXPRESSION via whatever means...is STIFLED for any reason.

You may still check out my YouTube channel:

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As time permits, I WILL be uploading brand new content. I have PLENTY of new videos already written.

This is philosophy, these are my journals seeking universal truths and speaking on life as I go. As long as I’m alive, and able to write and have a coherent thought (hahah)....look for these vids to keep on going..

ALSO: every picture in each video is chosen for a reason, ESPECIALLY during the Racism, Covid and Black Culture videos. These pictures oft times have Information to support my opinion. So understand, these are not just videos thrown together. it takes hours most times to pull the information online.

Since I’m building this site as I go, comments are not enabled right now because I haven’t figured out how to add them.

REMEMBER..my opinion is not your own.. you can disagree and be OK about that. But be warned...I MAY be saying something of MERIT. I do this because this is my observation and the knowledge i have thus far. ALL subject to change.

If you liked it, I’m REALLY happy about that. If you didn’t, Email me, and I’ll read your comment.

Right now, that’s the best I can do.

Enjoy my friends.

P.S. if my voice relaxes you and puts you to SLEEP? THATS GREAT!

You are MOST welcome :)