The end of the Beginning....


12/31/20223 min read

This was a long time coming.

I would say the main reason I created this website was to showcase my creative talents and intellectual property.

But that’s the half of it.

I created this website in order to enjoy the internet again. I got tired of the same garbage and endless news cycles that people are hit with on a daily basis. I got rid of face book the moment it became infested with fake Russian accounts and racists assholes. Instagram was fun for a year or was different…less assholes...BUT...eventually it became a place of nothing but pictures of politics, self centered people, police brutality and "only fans" models.. I don’t mind the models, I love nice bodies as much as the next guy or gal.. BUT I could easily just watch pornography.

The gram became lame, boring and what was worse: it was affecting me just like face book.

It’s my belief that one day, personal web spaces will make a full comeback because I already see that people are creating their own online communities.

Face it: it’s extremely DIFFICULT, to be who you are if you’re worried about how others perceive you.

And social media, like any community. Makes you conform in a way. You lose a part of yourself.

Fuck that.

I'm 49 and thank GOD I remember when there was no social media.

I would like people to have fun on the internet again.

Different WEB PAGES mean different adventures.. Your consciousness is raised by having experiences.

If everyone goes to the same party? That’s cool. But if everyone goes to the same party EVERY FUCKING DAY???? That’s bad...VERY BAD.

That’s social media...and to say that its "dangerous" is an understatement.

Its killing folks.

It’s literally causing suicides.. Mental disorders.. Sedentary lifestyles.. Followed by a loss of WILL to do much of ANYTHING else. When the will becomes weak. Then a human being stops fighting... they lose their SPIRIT...Their VITALITY.

You’re seeing it..

And chances are you’ve felt it yourself.

Feeling bored? Like there’s NOTHING to stimulate you? Tired, yet you get sleep? Even though you’re a good person, you don’t harm others and cause no trouble and yet you find yourself feeling as though nothing you do matters much? Or worse, you’re not OK with your existence even though it’s a COOL one?

“If social media is such a problem, then just get off of it”

OK, then why is it so hard for folks to do it?

“I could stop whenever I want, its not that serious, its just something to do”

But YOU are not really doing ANYTHING…the people you watch are the ACTIVE ones. What’s worse, much of it is staged. Trust me, busy people do not have time for social media, instead they have a media team.

Is it any wonder how eventually, you’ll feel as though you haven’t done enough with your own life?


I dedicate this website to MYSELF and those like ME. Free thinkers, people who hate to go down without a fight, people who like filthy humor and irreverent comedy..

I also dedicate this website to the polymaths.. Those of us with tons of knowledge about every little thing. We can’t help ourselves. We just HAVE to know.

My video series "dropping my opinion" is for you and anyone else who is just trying to come up with the reasons of existence.

My goal is to take this website nice and slow...But eventually, hopefully, it will turn into an entertainment and knowledge space... Maybe even an in house network.

That’s how many ideas I have.. And they ALL start with WORDS. But unlike most idea people? I’ve written the words already. What’s left is execution.

I’ll always be a father first.. I care deeply about all children..

But my PURPOSE is to channel some GOOD WORDS…into actuality. I am a writer and that is the utmost of that particular talent.

Haven't you've read and heard enough doom and gloom? Have you FORGOTTEN that we live inside an entire GALAXY? There's so much more to life than daily politics and societal silliness.

Does this all read as a bit arrogant? Sorry, not sorry…writing is what I do. Daily and early. And the more you do something, you become pretty good at it.

Now I ain’t the best, but I put in the work for this power, so I’m claiming mines.


BK 73'